Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone

In Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone we provide an inviting area for the children to play and be entertained in a safe area while their parents are shopping in the Toy Store.

When the parents first bring their child to this room- a Greeter/Soother will ask for the second copy of the voucher and will confirm which children are entering the room- we retain this voucher for release later. The greeters then help escort the children to a station and make sure they are transitioning well. At times some of the younger children are overwhelmed or not wanting to interact with the other children so there is a need for a volunteer to sooth or give individual attention.

Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone also has a reading area which has been known for Santa to visit, coloring/block area, games, and a craft area.

When the parents have finished shopping, wrapped their gifts and brought them to their vehicles, they come to the Workshop to pick up their children. They present their copy of the voucher so we can reunite the children with their parents.

Oma’s Heart is extremely safety-minded especially in Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone. We have made sure that several of our volunteers attend safety classes as well as have required background checks.  Making sure the Oma’s Heart experience is a positive and safe experience is first and foremost.

Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone is in memory of Kurt Wiedman who loved Oma’s Heart and loved watching his wife create memories for each and every child that visits.