Enriching Lives Through Giving and God’s Love.

Oma’s Heart is all about the ‘giving’ spirit – helping those in need and bringing smiles to faces of those who need it most. Our mission is to carry on the spirit of our ‘Oma’ – our beloved grandmother who taught us the importance of giving, faith and helping our fellow neighbors. Join us in our mission to help bring joy to children and families in our community, who need all of our love and support.

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Your Generosity helps us continue our mission...

Our 'Oma' is the inspiration for everything we do...

It is through her lessons and teachings of love and kindness that we are able to help local children and families who need it most.

We can't do it without your support. Every little donation can go a long way for a family or child in need.

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Who is Oma?

Oma - MomOma in Dutch means ‘grandma’. Our beloved grandmother taught us what it means to be giving and selfless. It is our mission to carry on the values she taught us by helping our community through philanthropy, charity and volunteering.

We are proud to carry on the traditions of our “Oma” that we hold so dear. Through her love and everlasting faith, our organization has been able to help so many friends and neighbors throughout our community, and with your generosity, we hope to continue her mission of bringing love and kindness to local families and children.

“Children are my Heart” – Irvine Ruhe

Oma’s Heart is a 501(c)(3) Charity

Our “Oma” and our father, Irvine Ruhe, wanted to help children and families who couldn’t afford presents for special holidays, like Christmas.

Our parents truly embodied the Christmas spirit, and what it means to be selfless and giving. Oma’s Heart began with the idea to help families who couldn’t provide Christmas presents for their children.

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