Oma’s Heart Toy Store

Each new school year. Lee County School District and other various local agencies are given Oma’s Heart applications.

These agencies will seek out families that will need help at Christmas.

Families are given an application, when it is returned, they receive a “Shopping Voucher” along with a specific date and time to shop.

On their assigned day and time, the entire family is invited to come to the Oma’s Heart Toy Store.

While the children join dozens of elves in Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone, ​​​​​​Mom and Dad meet with a caring, compassionate team ​​to explain the process, receive a bible, prayer and encouragement.
Mom and Dad then, are escorted by their own ​personal “Elf” to ​shop the Toy Store.

Parents will select two amazing gifts per child, stocking stuffers, stuffed animals and more.

Finally, parents are dropped off in our “Tracy’s Wrap Area” where they are provided everything to wrap their children’s gifts.