Oma’s Heart Toy Store

Each new school year. Lee County School District and other various local agencies are given Oma’s Heart applications.

These agencies will seek out families that will need help at Christmas.

Families are given an application, when it is returned, they receive a “Shopping Voucher” along with a specific date and time to shop.

On their assigned day and time, the entire family is invited to come to the Oma’s Heart Toy Store.

While the children join dozens of elves in Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone, ​​​​​​Mom and Dad meet with a caring, compassionate team ​​to explain the process, receive a bible, prayer and encouragement.
Mom and Dad then, are escorted by their own ​personal “Elf” to ​shop the Toy Store.

Parents will select two amazing gifts per child, stocking stuffers, stuffed animals and more.

Finally, parents are dropped off in our “Tracy’s Wrap Area” where they are provided everything to wrap their children’s gifts.


Hope & Friendship Prayer Room

Over the course of the last 8 years, we have found that the Hope & Friendship Prayer Room has become a critically important part of the entire Oma’s Heart experience.

After our guests have been warmly Welcomed and enjoyed some snacks at the Reindeer Chow area, they are then invited by one of our incredible volunteers to join them in the prayer room.

This is an area where we take a minute to truly connect with the families.  We spend time getting to know them, we pray with them and make sure each household gets a bible.  Oma’s Heart volunteers keep all prayer requests and continue to pray for each family throughout the coming year.

Many tears are shed in the Prayer Room, tears of joy as well as tears due to a variety of circumstances. Our desire is that each family feel the Spirit of Christmas as they enter the doors, but also a sense of Hope as they leave.

We have received so many cards, letters and emails from families sharing their Christmas morning story,  how they are working to change their circumstances, and expressing their gratitude.  God is good and we are blessed!

Waiting patiently, an Elf is ready and excited to escort their family to the next amazing experience; the Santa’s Stop Toy Store!

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Santa’s Stop Toy Store

Families have dropped their children off at Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone, enjoyed Reindeer Chow, spent time with some Oma’s Heart volunteers in the Hope & Friendship Prayer Room, and their Elf has picked them up.

Next stop is Santa’s Stop Toy Store!

This is where families will feel the true sense of Christmas shopping.  They will see table after table of toys for all ages & gender, mounds of stuffed animals, boxes of stocking stuffers, a clothing boutique and so much more!

Families can take their time to pick 2 perfect gifts for each of their children, a stuffed animal and a few stocking stuffers.  For older children, parents may choose to pick something from the boutique. So many incredible options.

It’s not over!!! Once all selections have been made, the shopping cart is full, many hugs and tears have been shared, then it’s time for Tracy’s Gift Wrap .

The volunteers in Santa’s Stop Toy Store work extremely hard to ensure that the first family that enters the toy store as well as the very last family get the very best selection of toys.

Anyone that works in the toy store, feels the joy of giving, but our  hope is that the families that shop, feel a sense of empowerment .

Now that’s Christmas!

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Reindeer Chow

We hope you felt the love as you entered Oma’s Heart through our Amazing Welcome Center.

Now! No Christmas event is complete without Christmas goodies?

Oma’s Heart volunteers works very hard to get baked goods, snacks and drinks donated for the families that visit Oma’s Heart.

We take great pride in creating a beautiful table for the families to enjoy the variety of refreshments as they wait to go to the Hope & Friendship Prayer Room.


Elf Station

Santa’s elves play a very important role in the entire Oma’s Heart experience.  Each family that visits get their own personal elf.  After children have been dropped off  at Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone, enjoyed some Reindeer Chow and visit the Hope & Friendship Prayer Room, their Elf will escort them to the Santa’s Stop Toy Store.

Their Elf will already know the ages and gender of their children as well as any special needs. They will take them to through the store, help with the selection of toys or just help to carry their bundle of toys.

Elves get the honor of making their shopping experience very special.  We are never quite sure who is more blessed at the end of the day; the shoppers or the Elves.

Once they are done shopping, their Elf will drop them off at Tracy’s Gift Wrap.

To volunteer as an Elf, you must be at least 18 years old and attend the mandatory Elf Training School.

Welcome Center

We are the first faces that our families will see. We want to make their first impression and experience with Oma’s Heart something that they have never experienced before; friendly, warm and uplifting. Our aim is to find their information and move them through the Welcome Center as quickly as possible so they can begin the remainder of their Oma’s Heart experience.

Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone

In Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone we provide an inviting area for the children to play and be entertained in a safe area while their parents are shopping in the Toy Store.

When the parents first bring their child to this room- a Greeter/Soother will ask for the second copy of the voucher and will confirm which children are entering the room- we retain this voucher for release later. The greeters then help escort the children to a station and make sure they are transitioning well. At times some of the younger children are overwhelmed or not wanting to interact with the other children so there is a need for a volunteer to sooth or give individual attention.

Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone also has a reading area which has been known for Santa to visit, coloring/block area, games, and a craft area.

When the parents have finished shopping, wrapped their gifts and brought them to their vehicles, they come to the Workshop to pick up their children. They present their copy of the voucher so we can reunite the children with their parents.

Oma’s Heart is extremely safety-minded especially in Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone. We have made sure that several of our volunteers attend safety classes as well as have required background checks.  Making sure the Oma’s Heart experience is a positive and safe experience is first and foremost.

Santa’s Workshop & Kids Zone is in memory of Kurt Wiedman who loved Oma’s Heart and loved watching his wife create memories for each and every child that visits.

Tracy’s Gift Wrap

If you think it’s over?  Think again!

Before families leave with all their gifts, they will be brought to the Tracy’s Gift Wrap area.

Here you will find Christmas music along with a very excited group of volunteers ready to help parents wrap and label all the toys, games, stuffed animals, clothes and other items.

This final stop gives parents the opportunity to personalize their children’s gifts and make them their own.

This Station is full of joy and excitement with so many wonderful gifts being  wrapped with LOVE!!

This Station is in HONOR of our beloved Tracy Smith who created this area with LOVE



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