Hope & Friendship Prayer Room

Over the course of the last 8 years, we have found that the Hope & Friendship Prayer Room has become a critically important part of the entire Oma’s Heart experience.

After our guests have been warmly Welcomed and enjoyed some snacks at the Reindeer Chow area, they are then invited by one of our incredible volunteers to join them in the prayer room.

This is an area where we take a minute to truly connect with the families.  We spend time getting to know them, we pray with them and make sure each household gets a bible.  Oma’s Heart volunteers keep all prayer requests and continue to pray for each family throughout the coming year.

Many tears are shed in the Prayer Room, tears of joy as well as tears due to a variety of circumstances. Our desire is that each family feel the Spirit of Christmas as they enter the doors, but also a sense of Hope as they leave.

We have received so many cards, letters and emails from families sharing their Christmas morning story,  how they are working to change their circumstances, and expressing their gratitude.  God is good and we are blessed!

Waiting patiently, an Elf is ready and excited to escort their family to the next amazing experience; the Santa’s Stop Toy Store!