Become a Sponsor

As an individual, maybe as an annual family tradition, a neighborhood project, your business, or so many other ways; it’s easy, rewarding and an incredible way to help your community.

Become an Oma’s Heart Sponsor.

We are very proud of being good stewards of what is entrusted to us. One of our primary goals it that Oma’s Heart is an honest and trustworthy organization;  our community depends on it.

The families that shop at Oma’s Heart are referred to us through Lee County School District, hospitals, churches and other local agencies.

We are proud of how Oma’s Heart has evolved, initially it was simply about providing toys for families that are struggling financially. Over time it has become more about caring for our neighbors, giving them a sense of hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation and watching families leave with the true feeling of Christmas Spirit.


Bronze 1 Family = $50

Silver 10 Families = $500

Gold 25 Families = $1,250

Platinum 50 Families = $2,500